Date: Friday 16/6
Time: 20:20 Sharp
Where: Belsepub/Valand Gothenburg


About Zonetripper

Zonetripper, Gothenburg based metal band, hits the world with their debut video and single! Disconnected is the debut single and video by Zonetripper. It was made in collaboration with the Sioux Tribe and friends who took part in the Standing Rock protests. The music video was filmed and edited by the talented video director and photographer Ninja Agborn. To commemorate the Wounded Knee massacre 29th of december 1890, Zonetripper, the new metal surprise from Gothenburg/Sweden, have decided to release their debut video on that particular date in 2016 in support of Standing Rock!.

The band was formed by rock/metal producer Fredrik Reinedahl, credited for producing, mixing and engineering bands like Solstafir, Burst, Peter Dolving, Opeth, Gadget, Memfis and more. He is also known as the current bass player of Martyrdöd. The band also features other known faces in the Gothenburg punk and metal scene. The bass is handled by none other than Martyrdöd vocalist Mikael Kjellman. Kalle Persson from Skitsystem joined Zonetripper on drums last spring, together with keyboard player Niklas Abrahamsson. The band is fronted by vocalist Anette Lith, who has a background as a singer and dancer in musicals and shows across the globe.

More information about Zonetripper will be available at our website
and on Zonetripper facebook page

Keep your eyes open for more music and videos in the near future!
In the meantime, enjoy Disconnected!




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